How can I teach my dog to be a better listener all the time, and not just when I have treats?

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I have a 4 year old lab/German Shepherd mix who is a little too smart in some ways. He is very food motivated and we clicker trained him as a puppy and into adulthood. However, once he got to be about a year old, he seemed to come to the realization that he has the option of ignoring me or my husband completely in order to get something else he really wants. For example… not long ago he found a decaying deer leg while we were hiking (yuck!) and you could just see the gears turning when we tried to call him over. He knows that whatever treat we give him, even if it’s something high value like turkey meat, it’s not as good as what he’s got right now. And he knows that he’s fast enough that we can’t catch him. He also remembers whether you have treats with you or not, and if you don’t, will factor that into his decision. What can I do to help with the consistency of his recall (and overall not ignoring me when he feels like it)? Any tips would be appreciated!

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