How can I help my dog be calm when I leave the new apartment?

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He has separation anxiety. I just moved to a new city and a new apartment. For the last 2 weeks he has been everywhere with me which has probably been making it worse because now he'll be really scared to be alone.

At my last place, he lived with 3 other dogs and that probably helped with his anxiety. For the last year his separation anxiety had gone down a lot and it was at the point where he would just calmly lay in his favorite spot most of the time when I left. But now all this newness has thrown him off and his anxiety is terrible again.

Tonight I tried leaving him alone for the first time in 2 weeks. I left the apartment and stood outside to see how he would react. He barked and barked so I had to go back in because obviously my neighbors don't like that. I did leave again for a short time, probably 2 minutes, and when I got back he was definitely barking less but still standing by the door super worried.

I think it'll get better once he realizes this is home now, and when I set up the TV so he has the familiar sound. What else can I do to make this process go smoothly/quickly so I can leave him alone sometimes?

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