How can I get my puppy to not jump and bite when he gets excited?

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My husband and I have a 3 month old German shepherd mix. He’s an all around good pup for the most part but lately we have noticed that when we are playing fetch or tug of war with him he gets really excited to the point that he will start jumping up and biting at us. We really want to stop this ASAP since he will be a big dog in a few months. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. When he does it now we immediately stop playing/turn our body away from him and cross our arms or put him in “time out” in his play pen or crate and take him out after about 5 minutes or so. Sometimes he gets so crazy that when we pick him up to put him in timeout he continues to bite at us which is not fun at all. (Obviously lol) Is this something that he will eventually learn to stop doing or should we be doing more to prevent this over excited behavior?

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