How can I get my adult dog to stop mouthing and biting me and furniture?

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My family just adopted a spaniel/lab/collie mix about 10 days ago. The shelter said he is 2 years old, however the vet claims he's more like 1-1/2 years old. It's clear he has not lived in a house before or received proper obedience training in the past because he still acts like quite a puppy. He has a tendency to get in the mood to start nibbling and chewing on my hand. If I'm walking he will nip at my calf. It doesn't hurt however it is quite annoying that he does it often to myself and my parents. I have tried to ignore him when he does this or scream in pain as I've read elsewhere, but he just stops and then chews something else nearby, such as the sofa, something in the kitchen, a towel, etc. I also can't even leave him along for a couple of seconds before he roams around somewhere and grabs something other than his toy to chew on. Any advice on how I can eliminate his mouthing behavior?

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