Housebreaking a scared dog

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I have a 3 months old puppy and I am starting to take her out for a walk so she starts doing her things outside and also to try to socialize with other dogs. I realize she is scared of cars and trams that are in the street but I cannot avoid that from happening. Also when another dog comes to smell her, she just jumps and go back and forward in a mix of fear and excitement and eventually if the dog gets closer she barks. The other dog barks and then she is definitely scared.

What I do is to try to calm her every few steps and give her a treat when she is calm. But this does not work when the other dog just comes to her to smell.

How can I avoid encounters like that to end up in my dog fearing other dogs? Shall I look for a friend's dog maybe to introduce her to new dogs?

I am afraid of pushing her too much, how can I know if it is too much?

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