House breaking senior dog who won’t go outside

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I rescued a senior dachshund, she’s 13 with horrible potty habits. She came from a really abusive situation and you can’t put a collar on her cuz she’s scared of her neck being touched. I’m really upset because upon adopting her the main concern I had with the rescue was “is she house broken” and they said yes just a few accidents. Well that was a total lie. She pees on everything. She loves peeing on my couch, it became such a habit that she would jump up solely to pee and leave. Anyway it got so bad and ruined 2 beds and couches now she lives in the kitchen full time. I feel bad but didn’t really have a choice. I can rule out medical issues because she’s been to the vet several times, and even the paperwork from the rescues vet said she has urination issues, including fear peeing. (so the rescue 100% lied) anyhow- the kitchen she stays in has a door to the backyard. The problem is she doesn’t like to or want to go outside. And I can’t pick her up to take her outside cuz as soon as you go to pick her up, no matter how gentle or loving you are, she pees herself, emptying her bladder, and winds up making a mess inside anyway. I’ve had her for 4 1/2 months now and it hasn’t gotten any better. She’s opened up and loves and trusts me with everything except being picked up.. She will use a peepee pad in the kitchen most of the time to Pee (often going on the edge and it goes under the pad and makes an even bigger mess) or wherever she wants. She also will poop wherever she wants and never on the pad. I’ve cleaned the spots with everything- natures miracle bleach you name it. Also- diapers were a no go- she bites and always gets them off and I tried everything to keep them on. Diaper covers nice and tight, even a baby onesie that clips so she can’t slide it off, but she figured that one out quick. Please help! My house smells and it’s exhausting and frustrating every single time I need to go into my kitchen I’m faced with some sort of mess. Edit-Also I’ve tried to bribe her to come out, and when she does the second I try to go to the door to close it she makes it back inside

TLDR- senior dog wont go outside to go potty and can’t pick her up to take her out cuz she pees when picked up.

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