Hot puppies, high tea and nap defendants: LA’s royalists is fully prepared to the royal uniting

The royalists of Los Angeles, where Meghan Markle was born and grew, are as invested in the marry as any British monarchist

There is a hot dog referred in honour of the big-hearted epoch. There are still crib tones on fascinators, Windsor Castle and how to fold cloths. There are last-minute preparations for slumber defendants with bunting, scones, cucumber sandwiches and gin and tonic slush puppies.

The royalists of Los Angeles be prepared for Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry on Saturday.

It will happen 5,000 miles and eight period zones away, but these Californians feel as invested as any British monarchist.

The wedding, after all, feels in some respects like a Hollywood production.

The bride is a born and bred Angeleno who grew up around film sets and procured success on screen before falling for a ruler, making a modern, biracial sequel to Grace Kelly’s move to Monaco more than half a century ago.

Hollywood perpetuates imperial glamour with age dramata, Disney princesses and, most recently, Netflix’s The Crown. The luminary website TMZ, headquartered near the Pacific Ocean, precedes the media pack with imperial scoops, gab and tidbits , not least the tale over whether Markle’s father, who lives 150 miles down the coast in Mexico, will tread his daughter down the aisle.

For all its English solemnity many here feel the opening ceremony in St George’s chapel could carry a” shaped in LA” sticker.

” They say she’s their princess, that it’s history in the making ,” said Dympna Madeley, administrator of Ye Olde King’s Head, a British-themed gift shop in Santa Monica which has repeatedly sold out of Harry and Meghan dishes, beakers, sweaters and other merchandise.

The frenzy outdoes the fuss for Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011, said Madeley.” There’s much more interest now. We’ve had to reorder stock five times. We didn’t realise how many parties “couldve been” attracted into it .”

Shoppers included Redgie De Guzman, 35, a bookseller, who loaded up on union jack trinkets for an all-night party at a friend’s residence which will climax when Markle says” I do” shortly before dawn local occasion.” We’ll watch it live. Go big-hearted or go home ,” said De Guzman.” The next wed is likely to be, what, Prince George in 20 years ?”

Redgie De Guzman stocks rise on bridal memorabilia for a viewing defendant in Los Angeles. Photograph: Rory Carroll for the Guardian

The only wedding fever dissenter when the Guardian visited the storage was Paul Bailey, 50, a British expat who was stocking up on Toffee Crisps.” I don’t feel it has anything to do with “peoples lives” .”

Americans were far more excited than LA’s British transplantings, said Madeley, the manager.” We think it’s because Markle is American and mixed-race. They don’t care if we tell them she’ll be a duchess , not a princess .”

Lisa Powers, who controlled a neighbouring British-themed pub, said tickets for its wed viewings sold out days ago.” It’s insane. A totally different buzz compared to William and Kate .”

At least three cinemas in LA will host screenings.

Pink’s Hot Dogs, a fast-food landmark, will render a “Royal Dog”- two hot dogs and two bacon slicings in a bun filled with mustard, cheese, onions, pickle relish and chili, wrap in a packet praising Markle and Prince Harry.

Echoes of Markle’s past life in LA include frisson to the celebrations.

The Cat& Fiddle, a Hollywood pub and restaurant, will host a” royal slumber party” with fascinators, pyjamas, quiz trivia, sausage rolls and scones- and remembers about the bride, who called about seven years ago with her then partner, Trevor Engelson, said co-owner Ashley Gardner.” He had a party for one of our reciprocal friends .”

The Rose Tree Cottage, an English tea chamber in the suburb of Pasadena, channelled Pygmalion when Markle visited last year apparently for etiquette gratuities, with proprietor Edmund Fry, a British expat, in the role of Professor Higgins. Angelenos have followed in her aftermath.” We’re flooded, totally flooded ,” an employee said on Wednesday.

Edmund Fry guides guests in a toast to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during afternoon tea at the Rose Tree Cottage in Pasadena, surrounded by cardboard cutouts of the royal family. Photograph: Robyn Beck/ AFP/ Getty Images

American relationships with royalty don’t ever end well. Passion for Wallis Simpsoncost Edward VIII his throne and territory them in exile. Grace Kelly irked at a lost acting career and died in a car accident.

Former educators predicted Markle will adapt to the scrutiny, pressings and restrictions of monarchy.

” As a student she was very bright, very intelligent, exceedingly involved ,” said Maria Pollia, who taught Markle theology at Immaculate Heart high school in the 1990 s.

” I don’t think she has any fairytale dreams about the life. I fantasize she’ll know that it comes with some moderately drastic conversions. She is her own person but is very respectful of institution. I don’t think she’ll be standing on tables trying to remake the royal family, that’s just not her .”

Prince Harry and Markle will focus on humanitarian projects, prophesied Christine Knudsen, who taught Markle spirituality and literature.” We’re sure that after they get settled she and Harry will continue showing great heart and enormous conscience .”

The school, a private college near Hollywood, celebrated their alumnus earlier this week at “states parties ” with dancing, lemonade, biscuits and a corgi.

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