Hope someone shares these concerns!

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Please don't flood my comments with "you should have" ect ect. I am looking for some encouragement/others who have the same concerns I do!

I have always wanted a dog- and originally I would've only been able to take 2 weeks max to get a puppy and train her before returning to work. With COVID and me working from home since march, I've been lucky enough to be able to work full time and have almost 2 months to train and get to know /bond with her! We've made some great progress and I'm so happy to have her in my life. While working full time has definitely been difficult and I went through a regretful stage during the first week from sheer exhaustion, putting her on a schedule of sleep has helped immensely with me being able to get work done while she naps/ train her in the between periods and catch up on work at night. Potty training is always a work in progress, accidents have happened from my own lack of taking her out when I didn't know she had to go. She's been pretty consistent with her napping/eating times to follow how a day would be when I inevitably return to work.

For some reason I feel like I'm so worried about her during the day when I do go back. I leave her alone now when she naps in her crate (crate training is successful so far!) I have a gated off area in my apartment shell be in so she wont have to sit in a crate while Im at work. I have a fake grass pad she can use if she needs to use the bathroom while im gone. Right now she can hold her pee for about 4 hours. My work schedule is from 8am-5pm, home by 5:30. I'll be able to come home for my lunch break around 12-1.

Idk why im nervous about leaving her! I don't want to be a bad puppy parent, maybe its just daunting to return to work in general with this new normal, but looking for if anyone has the same nervousness I do and how they're coping with it.

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