Hitting a training plateau

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We’ve made amazing headway with teaching our 3 year old Australian Kelpie mix rescue his recalls (I’ve had him for almost a year). He went on his first successful off-leash hike last week and has been increasingly responsive during off-leashed dog park visits (sit, down, shake, even roll over).

Tonight was the first time he dashed in about six months. Getting out of the car with groceries in my arms, I usually tell him “go home” and he’ll make his own way to the door, I guess I had confused him accidentally by saying “house” tonight, which isn’t a word he is familiar with and he took off in the opposite direction and went completely unresponsive to commands and recalls. He’s definitely a creature of habit and will dash (he’s done it before when we first adopted him) the route of our usual walk so it was easy to catch up to him and recover him, but I felt a bit discouraged by the whole situation.

I assume this is a common thing when training, and I knew one day that it might happen and that he might “forget”, I doubt he really had ever had to respond to commands in the previous situation he’d been in so this is new for him, and it’s new for me too. I’d love to hear other people’s experience with this! It’s definitely discouraging but I know that we’ll be able to get back to where we were before.

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