Hi there. I need advice for an Aussie Shepherd puppy

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So my mom got a 7week old Aussie 7 weeks ago (so he's 14weeks old) she's never trained a dog before and isnt taking it as serious as she should be. I've been reading up on their breed and see that they are pretty advanced dogs not recommended for new trainers. Ive been trying to step in and help but ive never done this either. I'm reading a book on puppies but its not specifically for aussies.

So they've had him 7 weeks, with barely any training. Maybe once a day but some days no training. He hates his collar and even his harness. My step father claimed he knows how to train dogs but completely ignores the pup. And I can see trouble ahead if this continues. It will break my moms heart if they get rid of him but she doesnt realize how much attention he needs. I'm trying to work on basic commands like sit and stay, and for the most part he listens as long as there's food involved. I'll throw his toys to play fetch, assuming he actually brings the toy back, he still wont drop it and instead wants to play tug of war. Hes starting to dig holes when hes outside alone and is even starting to nibble on my moms plants. Ive read these dogs need a job to stay occupied and will find their own stimulation if you dont guide them. How do you even begin to train a job? Should he know a few basic commands first, and more importantly should he be able to follow the commands without food for incentive. I've been working on "no" and can get him to wait for his treat before giving the "okay" to eat it. But when we are playing or im walking around he will grab my pant leg or shirt and no doesn't work when I say it then. I know its in their breed to nip at heals and he may always have that desire. Idk, theres so much to try and explain. So if someone reads this and think they can help please send me a chat and I'll try to explain his whole situation.

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