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My puppy is now 10 weeks old, been with us for almost 3 weeks and is doing so well with other training.

Crate training is not the worst- in fact at night time he now sleeps all night without getting up for the toilet! (Or maybe he’s just having a good week). During the day crate training is not as good, he still likes to see us close by before he will settle off to sleep but nonetheless he naps in his crate everyday.

I go back to work in 2 weeks and puppy is going to have to learn to enjoy some alone time (we have organised someone checking on him 2 times while I’m at work).

The only issue is he has never been left alone.. like ever. I’ve maybe walked out the room once or twice but he’s not been alone properly. I intend to start leaving him alone for a little bit each day to build it up.

The plan is to leave him in his playpen (although he’s not a big fan of that). I know it’s about persistence etc but my biggest concern is if he cries loudly he will annoy the neighbours (we live in an apartment!).

Any good advice or wise words to help me on this new journey!?

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