Herding behavior? Help!

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We adopted our pup at 20 weeks, he is now about 26 weeks. When we brought him home he was very timid and mild mannered, but is now settled innand fully comfortable. With this leap in comfort, as well as his continued maturing, we have noticed some behavior that we are pretty sure is herding behavior?

My kids (5 and 7) love to play with him, but he gets excited easily, and when they stop being interested in playing, he will bite their ankles or wrists (it isnt hard, there is pressure but it's like he is holding and guiding their limbs if that makes sense?) And cut them off from where they are trying to go.

He is a great pyrenees mix, but we are uncertain what he is mixed with.

Is this a herding behavior, and where do we go from here with this?

Thank you guys!

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