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Hi all! We have a 4 month old doodle. She has been doing SO well and we are very lucky to live in a building with a lot of older dogs who have been able to socialize her and teach her lots of dog etiquette! She’s a fast learner and is so much better at approaching new dogs now and is overall a very good player. Our good friends have her older half sister (same dad, different mom, born almost exactly a year apart). They LOVE each other and it’s nice to have a pup who had her energy too, they play and play and play and it’s been really nice during quarantine to have them run around together! However we’ve run into the issue of them being unable to settle together, and they both go a little nuts and get overstimulated. Our girl is definitely the instigator. The other pup will wait until she’s tired and starting to lie down before she makes her attack, which will get our girl going again. She is also obsessed with our girls toys, so once our girl calms and gets interested in one of her toys, the other one comes and tries to steal it. We’ve tried separating them but they both scream and wail when they aren’t together. We wanted them to get tired and settle together so they would remember that they can settle together, but they didn’t. The most success we had was having them in a pen together, tiredly wrestling 😂 We’re planning to go to the cabin together and I feel a little worried that they won’t be able to settle the entire time! Any advice on how to help them settle together? They are 4 mos and 1 year and 4 mos, and both very trainable and smart so I’m looking for any ideas we could work together on.

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