Help with puppy that doesn’t want to start a walk

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I have a 9 week old Springer Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix. I’m having a big issue with her when I take her outside to potty or go on a walk. She definitely has picked up on potty training, and usually pees and or poops pretty quickly once going outside. The issue is that once she has completed her business, she immediately wants to go back inside. She will pull as hard as she can to go back to the front door and get inside. She doesn’t seem to be scared, and I praise her any time she cooperates with me and walks with me.

I have tried using treats to encourage her, but she seems to be too distracted to eat them when we’re outside. I have not been scolding or yelling at her, mostly just encouraging her whenever she does come easily. The weird part is that if I carry her a little ways from the house and she can’t see it anymore, she will walk with me just fine. She seems to really enjoy the walk too. Her tail is wagging, she sniffs a round a lot and picks up sticks, and just seems like a happy puppy. She doesn’t seem to mind the leash, and doesn’t act afraid of people she sees. How do I get her to recognize that beginning a walk is a good thing?

Thanks for any help!

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