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[HELP] Overexcited dog when guests are over.

We have an Airedale terrier, about 4 years old. He is amazingly well behaved around my immediate family, and has never jumped on any of us. We have a friend who is quite terrified of him, but my family thinks it’s ok that he jumps on a guest to “get used to them.” He gets 3 long walks a day, but gets very over excited around guests and new people!

I think the main big problem is that my family is split in teaching methods. My mom and I are always positive/reward training, but my brother and father are more physical/punishment training. (Yes, many of the prohibited methods which I am against.) Whenever I confront my father against his methods, he throws up his hands and says “then why don’t YOU do it!” My dad tried to potty train him by scolding, but my mom stepped in and within days he was trained via treats.

This issue has been pushed under the rug for a really long time, and frankly, the dog is one of our only reasons for arguments or disagreements. What should I do to get us all on the same page? My father is very rigid and almost never changed his habits or methods. We all need to be consistent, and I’m willing to put in the work to help our pup behave better. Thanks!

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