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My Boston terrier is now just over 18 months old. In the day he's perfectly house trained, goes and stands and the door when he wants to go and never has any accidents.

At night it's a different story. I generally feed him about 17:30 and he goes straight out to the toilet after food, he then goes out again as we go to bed usually around 10-10:30. He sleeps in his bed in the bedroom and will get up and scratch at the bedroom door in the night but will go back to bed if no one lets him out. If the door is left open though he will go downstairs, evidently wait at the back door like usual but if no one is there to let him out he will just go in the kitchen.

Any tips how I can get him into the routine of not getting up to go in the night? Or at the least to not go if he isn't let out?

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