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Our 2 yo pup was doing a great job whining in her crate when she needed to use the potty. She started sleeping longer (yay!) and my busband started getting up with her. He always takes her for a walk first which resulted in her waking me up at 5 am today (almost an hour earlier than when she usually wakes up) expecting a walk. I don't want to encourage this behavior but she was bark/whining so I took her out to use the bathroom. It's now been an hour or so of going in and out of the house and she still hasn't gone. I don't want to take her on a walk because I feel like that is just rewarding the behavior. Help! I feel like we're back to square one when we've been making good progress. Ultimately I think we just have to go back to enforcing potty first, then walk. But any ideas/advice would be helpful. She's currently just laying on our lawn and hasn't done anything potty-wise.

Note: we've had her not quite 3 weeks so this is still new for her, I know. It could just be a phase. She hasn't had an accident inside the house for over a week and the last one was our fault for leaving her unattended in a new part of the house.

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