Help with biting puppy – and I don’t mean play nipping

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Backstory – we adopted two puppies at the beginning of December. One is a Morkie and the other is a Yorkie Poo. Both from same kennel bought into home at same time after our 19 year old Yorkie passesd away.

Morkie is 11lbs and a male, yorkie poo is 7lbs female.

Fast forward to now, both puppies are approaching 6 months old. Both have been enrolled in obedience school, get daily walks, training etc. Pretty much treated like a mini queen and king by my husband and I.

There is a problem with our Morkie, however, he is VERY aggressive when he gets mad. Say he brings a stick in the house that he cannot have, we will tell him to "leave it" which he will reluctantly do, but then when you go to retrieve it from him, he will bite us. Hard. He has punctured my husbands hands, has bitten my leg twice now to cause teeth marks and a large blood blister. He is a wonderful, loving dog, 95% of the time, but has no idea how to behave when something he doesn't like is happening.

He also seems very emotional in general, has a lot of different sounds he makes, (from whining to crying and some barking) and seems to get overstimulated easily to the point where we have to put him down if he is getting snuggles and starts to squirm and make a little bit of noise, or he will nip at our faces.

He is a lover of a dog most of the time, allows belly rubs, bath time, walks, etc. Also play -roughhouses without harming his smaller sibling that is only about 8lbs.

Any questions or advice welcome.

They will both be fixed in the next two months time – waiting for shit to calm down with this damn virus.

He just now bit my thigh as I was trying to get him to leave his sister puppy alone while they each enjoyed their sweet potato treat – he likes to take what she has even though he has the same and when I tried to stop him, he got very angry and just goes apeshit biting at whatever. If he was a larger dog, I would be terrified he was really going to harm me.

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