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Our 11 week old Aussie doodle gets really energetic at times, and starts barking. It seems like it’s to play, but honestly I have no idea what he wants. He gets really aggressive and growls and barks super loud.

He mainly does this when I’m on the couch and he’s not or if I’m on the bed and he’s not. If I lean down, with my face or my hands, he starts biting hard. If we don’t give in he will start biting the couch or the bed or anything in his path.

How can I cut that out? It’s not nice play. The aggression is what worries me the most but I also hate barking indoors and it’s super loud.

We’re training NO and it seems to help. My current approach is to go right into sit training from Sophia Yin and that will begin to calm him down but he will revert back into the barking growling and biting right when I stop and sit down on the couch. My wife can’t get control of him.

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