[Help] Will my pup ever like the crate?

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Hello everyone,

I've been a bit of a Reddit lurker of late and puppy101 has been so helpful, so thank you already for helping me through the first two months with my pup!

I've done lots of reading about crate training and (think) I know all the tips and tricks for getting your pup to like their crate. My pup is a 6 month old rescue and we began crate training him the moment we got him at 4 months old. After the initial whining, he settled down and would go in there without much fuss. We'd crate him at night and for short periods in the daytime to help him find his off-switch. We were even able to move his crate out of our bedroom and to our living room, which is just next door, and he seemed even more settled in there at night. We stopped the daytime crating as we have a good schedule now that means he's able to settle himself and sleep on the floor/on a blanket when he's tired.

Despite all of this, he just isn't really that into his crate. Unless it's night time and we lure him in there to sleep, he ignores it. He'll go in fine (except this week when he's started to whine a lot but I've done some reading and apparently it's quite common so we're riding out this new bout of testing our limits) and seems, most of the time, pretty chilled in there but I just can't see it becoming this safe haven that I hear so much about.

When did the crate become your dog's 'bedroom' and their safe space? We're committed to seeing the training through but sometimes wonder if he'll ever take to it and if we'd be better of transitioning him to a bed outside the crate.

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