[Help] Why is my dog spontaneously aggressive/territorial, and what can I do to stop her from having random aggressive outbursts?

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I have a rat terrier/blue heeler mix (female, 2 years-old), who is sweet and has great behavior at dog parks. I have had her since she was about 10-12 weeks old (my brother-in-law found her on the road) so she’s been with me since she was a pup. Whenever there are other dogs that she’s not familiar with at my house, she acts snappy/aggressive. When my friends bring their dogs to my house, I almost always have to lock her up in another room cause she just won’t behave. I try socializing the dogs first in a neutral environment such as a park, but she still acts crazy in the house. At my childhood home, she gets along well with my other dogs because she grew up with them, but she will spontaneously become aggressive with them over things like food. She’s never been aggressive towards humans or other dogs in public places, but she will randomly snap at other dogs in her own territory. I am mostly worried though because I will be moving in with new roommates soon and they have two large dogs. She has never hurt another dog, but I’m scared it will escalate if I don’t take care of this issue soon. Any advice or training tips?

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