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My 14 W old puppy Miles ( collie x lab cross) has very “ aggressive”episodes. I call them aggressive because they really hurt me. There is not really a timeframe when or where they happen so it is hard to time… sometimes in the middle of a walk, when he wakes up or even when we are just playing / waking in the garden. The episode start like this he sneaks up at me from behind attacks my leg with are hard bit or Nip. I stop make him sit he looks all settled and calm. But when we proceed with what we are doing he bits my arm like a tug toys and don’t let go. He just keeps tugging. I literally have to pick him up to make him stop. If I use food to get his mind of it he just eats the treat and does it again…

What do I do? sorry for the lingo just very upset as it looks like it’s getting worse

Do I need help from a trainer?

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