Help! Trouble with puppy biting!

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Hi everyone,

I adopted a now 12 week old lab/hound mix about a month ago. Since then I’ve had trouble controlling his puppy biting when he is playing or overexcited. I have tried letting out a high pitched yelp, which seems to make him more excited. I’ve also tried to loudly say “ouch” or “no” and then either ignore him or give him a puppy time out. Bitter apple spray will deter him for a few minutes, but then he’ll go back to biting/mouthing. Nothing seems to be working. He doesn’t growl or snap, so I don’t think it’s aggressive behavior, just over excited. He has plenty of chew toys, bully sticks etc. He doesn’t seem to be possessive over food/toys.

A few times during play he has broken my skin, and I’m concerned if I don’t correct this behavior soon it’ll only get worse the bigger he gets. Any advice would be super helpful! Thank you in advance!

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