Help stopping destructive chewing when other methods won’t work

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I have a golden doodle that’s a little over a year old. She has 10+ toys to chew on but uses a lot of in appropriate objects. Just this morning in a two hour span she ate my glasses, car key, tooth brush, a sweatshirt, and sweatpants. All completely destroyed. She especially loves my laundry. I have tried keeping things away from her but she’s figured out both how to open my closet and bathroom doors.

Whenever I catch her chewing on something my Method has been to make a noise to interrupt her (ie going “HEY!”), take the object and say no, and give her a toy. When she chews on the toy I’d pet her and offer a treat as well.

I walk her 3+ miles everyday and give her attention to stimulate her. I also do things like taking hallowed our bones and adding peanut butter to keep her busy. I’m a college student with online classes so I’m home almost all of time so she’s not locked up for 8+ hours a day.

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