Help – Rescue dog will not come in house when I am holding door open

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I rescued Buddy back on July 9TH. Buddy is three years old, 14 pounds, and seems to be a mini-poodle/schnauzer mix. He had been abused/neglected by the former owner and the owner was forced to surrender him. Since he has been with me I have gotten him crate trained, dealt with some major separation anxiety issues, and we have come to completely love each other.

However, Buddy’s issues we have not resolved revolve around going out and in the door to the backyard. For him to go outside I have to step outside and stand on the other side of the screen door so the door is in between me and Buddy. Two weeks ago, he all of a sudden decided that it was okay for me to just stand there and hold the screen door open for him and he would go outside. Wooo Hooo – Progress! Coming inside is a totally different story. He will be sitting on the small concrete back porch and when I open the screen door he jumps off the porch and just stares at me. He will NOT come in at all and I usually have to prop the screen door open and walk away.

I tried luring him in with hot dogs. I have tried crouching low and baby talking him in. Food worked for awhile but he honestly does not care about food. I tried taking him out on a leash every time and that was okay but when we walked back to the house and got near the porch he just melts into the ground and will NOT go up the three steps on the porch. Crazy thing is, when I walk him each morning he goes up and down the front steps on leash.

The kicker on this is now he has learned that he can jump on my air conditioner and its just a hop from that over the fence. He brazenly tried to do it right in front of me earlier today. When he does jump the fence (four times now) he will NOT come to me when I call him. It is a game of keep away that I try my best not to participate in it. I am looking for techniques that I can do so he will come in the house when I open the door. I saw a video on teaching him to come when I call him and it involved chasing him a bit and then turning around and letting him chase me. I bought at 30 foot lead but I am not keen on chasing him.

Not sure what I am going to do about the jumping over the fence right now.

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