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Hi all!

I'm looking for a little bit of advice on exercising / training my Jack Russell. She is 2 y.o. in September, high energy and fun loving. I live by the dictum that a tired Jack is a good Jack, so generally exercise her before and after work. This makes her a very well behaved doggo!

I generally do a 30 minute stint at a local oval, and its mostly focused on ball chasing. She's a fiend for it, and get's ball mad when in the zone. She goes really hard. I rest her and have her swim in the creek in the summer months (its hot in Australia!), but she doesn't quit.

On the plus side, these stints tire her out nicely. She will calm down and know ball time is up when I put the ball away, which is good. Also it is a good means of training as I generally make her sit, stay, roll over, touch, leave it, etc. before throwing.

On the downside, the consensus seems to be that what I've been doing is not good. I've been reading recently that this is very tough on her physically, and can adversely effect her mentally too (overload of cortisol, development of obsessiveness, etc). I'm looking for some good options to balance my requirements to tire her out, to train her, and to look after her health!

A few things I'm thinking:

There is an off-leash dog park within walking distance I can use (with small dog section). Other dogs don't bother her, though in the past she hasn't really paid much attention to the dogs when there because of the ball. Any thoughts on introducing her to games or guiding interactions here? I can walk her no worries, she is good on a leash (very eager!), though worry this won't be enough She loves tug rope, so I'd like to include this in the play/training

Do you guys have any thoughts/guidance on this?

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