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We adopted a Yorkie that is about a year and a half old and we have been having a few issues with him. He has 3 serious issues that we need to get some advice for. He lunges at other dogs (not aggressively) and will let out a blood curdling scream/yelp until he gets to sniff the dog. Once he has sniffed him/her, he walks away without an issue and as if nothing happened. Keep in mind that we walk him twice a day, every day so he gets to see other dogs regularly. The other issue is his aggressiveness towards people, particularly people in uniform i.e construction workers, gardeners, maids, security etc. He will lunge at them violently and although he has not drawn blood, he will warn them with a slight nip at the ankles. This really concerns me. Thirdly, unless we take him to an off-leash dog park that he is familiar with, he will bolt and we have to run after him. He generally doesn't return on his own. PLEASE can you help as I have been to a trainer and it didn't help at all

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