Help! My Six-Month-Old English Bulldog Bites Me A Lot!

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She’s six months old, and I know those are still teething months. However, she’ll jump to bite. She’ll attack my arms and my legs and bite down. She doesn’t break skin, but it’s still hard. If she has a toy or even a chew treat next to me, she’ll still lunge to bite me. I only had a pug beforehand, and she was a puppy 18 years ago. I don’t remember the pug biting me, just chewing on items when she was teething.

I’ve done the ignoring it, turning away thing. I do the yelping noise when she bites, and it’s like she doesn’t care. She’ll release and then lunge and bite again. Any suggestions? She doesn’t growl, but I’m starting to fear she may have aggression issues.

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