Help! My puppy suddenly started peeing in her crate.

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We adopted a 5mo old lab mix from the shelter 4 weeks ago. She’s adorable and a handful. Initially we were sleeping downstairs with her and slowly moved away to our room upstairs. I know she can hold her pee for a full night (11-7) because she’s done it for 2-3 weeks. When we moved upstairs last Saturday, she had one good night and the rest have been hell: barking and whining nonstop. The last 4 nights she’s decided to pee inside her crate. [I’ve made it smaller- she peed. Removed her bed, put in a blankie- she peed, put in towels instead- she peed, removed everything altogether- she peed (three hours after waking us up barking nonstop and we let her out to potty just in case)]

Now, I know that she sometimes pees to get our attention. During potty training, when she peed on pads, we gave her treats and the “good potty!” she deserves – but if she was in her play pen, she would whine to get out and then go pee so we could give her attention.

It’s not a matter of being in her crate- she goes in willingly, will take naps in there, and as long as we’re close to the crate, she’s fine. If we leave her alone it’s the problem. When I come downstairs to check on her she usually gets quiet because she knows barking doesn’t get her out, and she’ll go to sleep again (after we clean up the pee with an enzyme cleaner)

I don’t know what to do so that she 1. Stops peeing in her crate and 2. Stops barking whenever we’re away from her

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