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We have a 7 month old pit bull/black lab/GSD mix. She’s very clingy and the definition of a Velcro dog. Before Covid, she would be ok being alone. Now since my husband has been home for 7 weeks she’s very dependent on us and someone always being there. Today was the first night we left her alone and we also sent her to her favorite doggy daycare to tire her out before we left so she would be tired and hopefully sleep. We set up the iPad to video her. She cried the ENTIRE 5 hours we were gone. She scratched down the garage door crown molding with our ring alarm sensor attached and set off our alarm and the cops came. She didn’t poop or pee in the house but looked out the window and just cried until we got home. We’ve been thinking about getting a second dog to help with her dependency issues, I feel like she needs someone/ another dog to be there for her since my husband is going back to work and life is slowly going back to normal. Covid and quarantine kind of made her back-slide in her dependency issues that she has. What are you thoughts on us getting another dog to kind of help our dog and so she doesn’t feel so alone? She cries and freaks out in a crate, she cries and freaks out outside the crate. She gets along with other dogs great. We wouldn’t get a puppy maybe like a 1-3 year old potty trained rescue, and having the dog there might have her feel like she’s not so alone and that she can sleep and relax whenever we leave. What are your thoughts or suggestions?

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