(Help) My dog growls and barks at me

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So I have a 6 month doberman pinscher and he's a really smart dog and obedient, he tends to get a little hyper at times and I work him out as much as I can, but now that he's older somthings changed. When were playing and turn around to give him some water or do somthing he'd nip me in the leg and I would turn around and say NO then he gets into a position where his but is up and his head is down then he starts to growl and bark at me then run around me, he'd stop bark then run. When i would try to grab him he runs away and continues to bark. I've tried to stand still and look him dead in the eye untill it stops but he only keep doing it. I thought this was a way of telling me I want to keep playing but his growls and barks sound so loud and heavy like if he wanted to bite me. This has been going on for weeks now and I don't know what to do he's been acting like this with family members, they would be playing with him then he'd nip the leg, they turn around yell no, then he would growl and bark.i don't understand he is not a aggressive dog towards strangers and still listens to me when I ask him to do somthing and listens to me when I say no dont do that. it's only when were playing everything is perfect I turn around then he nips me. Please help me I don't want this to get out of hand

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