Help! My 11 week puppy is very stubborn

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I have a 11 weeks mix-breeded Shiba Inu who is totally adapted to our home (been for almost 5 weeks with us).

In the very beginning i thought he had some aggressive behavior as sometimes he will bite us when we tell him no to something or push him back/hold him from the back to not let him run to something (like boxes, or running out of the door, etc.). After 5 weeks, i can tell that he is not aggressive to us, as he will listen to basic commands, like sit, down, etc. However, specially at night when he gets into "crazy-mode" and being super excited, he will start to be a little bit aggresive with his mouth, like biting if you touch him. I tried everything, time-outs, leaving the room, redirection, and sometimes it works but he will instanly go into crazy mode again. Yesterday (and i regret it) i tried something i read on internet as well which is called dog submission, he was getting very aggressive, trying to bite our hands if we tried to pet him to calm him down or if we tried to take away something he took (he will pick puppy training pads or boxes), so i tried the dog submission as the last resource to try to calm him down but instead, he was getting more aggresive and everytime i released him he will try to bite my hands more aggresively and i don't know if this is because he thought this as a challenge and he "didnt want to lose" or i don't know what, but what i can tell is that when he gets into this mode, he is very stubborn at doing what he wants and it's veeery hard to calm him down.

Any advice??

Many thanks in advance!

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