Help me fix the behaviour issues of a young Borzoi

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this is my first post here, and although I have done some research I'd be grateful for some clarification and maybe pointing which way to go from here.
So the thing is we have a Borzoi puppy, well, not exactly a puppy because he's nearing 8 months now. He's been with us for about 4 months. We got him from a reputable kennel and his health record is impeccable. Our checks at vet have also always been ok. We haven't done any lab panels but we probably will on Monday.
The case is, he often looks stressed in the evenings. Like pacing, panting, licking, whining etc. But apart from that he doesn't show any more signs. His ears are loose, his eyes are ok, he is in a playful mood, comes for butt scritches and eats his food just normally.

Other thing is , we can't get him to potty train 100%. When we leave house for a walk he always pees on the first grass he can find. We don't have super regular schedule of walks but we try to keep it to 4 hours at most. Sometimes he manages to communicate he needs to go and then the breaks are shorter. He sleeps all night without a problem, stays for 6-8 hours alone and just opens his sleepy eyes when we enter so I assume he isn't stressed because of it. Sometimes he doesn't even notice when we leave. His accidents don't have any specific trigger and always happen when someone is at home. This also doesn't look like marking, more like a small peeing. There's been a few weeks without an accident but we're back at two days at most right now. The recent accidents involve peeing his bed. We've been using enzymatic cleaner but it's hard to get the scent for those memory foam cushions.

As for the household, I believe we are a calm family, and we provide him with plenty of love, good food and lots of play so that's probably not the issue. On walks he's ok. I mean ok for a young dog he's still misbehaving sometimes but we're making progress daily.

Any help would be much appreciated

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