HELP is there a way to counter condition my dog?

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My standard poodle was 6 months old when he was attacked by another (older) male dog. He needed 7 or 8 stitches and was in rough shape socially for a little while. After his wounds healed, he socialized really well with nice female dogs. We moved, and the only other male dogs in the area were not good with other dogs so we didn't try to introduce them. He is now 4 years old. Over the past year, we've gone to a local dog park and it's been great for his confidence. Lots of space, tons of dogs of different ages and sizes, and he's been a normal calm dog every time. After that much time and socialization over the past few years, we thought we were in the clear. ….until today. After playing at the tennis courts with him, we went to the dog park. There's another male there that's not even 1 year old that's similar to my dogs size. The other dog is submissive and my dog, for whatever reason, does not like him (has tried to dominate him before, but that's not an uncommon for dogs at that park). Today however, my dog went charging at the other dog, very aggressively. The other dog was running away and my dog was snarling on top of him- I was horrified at my dogs behavior. We got hold of our dog by the collar and took him out of the park, apologized profusely to the other dog's owner (who were friends with) and offered to cover any expenses if our dog nipped him anywhere we couldn't see.

I don't want my dog to turn into the type of dog that attacked him a few years ago, but he snapped today. I don't think it's a good idea to take him to a park again. Does anyone have experience with this or can tell me differently?

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