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Edgar (4M) is a Parsons Jack Russell that my boyfriend has had since a puppy with his ex partner. When we first got together 16 months ago, I felt quite anxious about Edgar’s behaviour. He is super affectionate with humans but could feel intimidated by other dogs, especially bigger ones. Edgar’s anxiety generally manifests as aggression, and he growls/chases other dogs to warn them off. We weren’t able to sit in a pub garden (very important!) without him kicking off at other dogs, and always had to leave. All of this time Edgar has gone to a doggie daycare once a week.

We met with a dog trainer who basically said that he was a bit spoilt and that we weren’t giving clear enough signals, but there were no major issues. Soon after, Edgar also started doing pack walks once a week on the weekend with an experienced walker to help him socialise with other dogs. For the last 9 months, Edgar has been so much more happier and comfortable on walks – with the odd exception, he’s been a dream. We’ve been free of all anxiety and can sip on a beer in a pub without even having to worry about Edgar. (Apart from children – he doesn’t and hasn’t liked children throughout all of this. So we just avoid that). We’ve put a lot of Edgar’s improvements down to his weekly pack walk.

Recently however, Edgar has become a lot more anxious and been aggressive to other dogs. It’s not just been a one off and has happened on numerous occasions. Edgar has also seemed reluctant to leave the house for walks. My boyfriend and I are concerned about his behaviour and anxiety levels are much higher, plus obviously worried that Edgar is feeling insecure. It’s like we are going backwards, but we don’t know what is causing this. We do dote on him with affection but always have done, so it’s odd that things seem to be changing out of the blue. Any advice would be very welcome, as we are at a loss as to what’s going on for him.

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