[HELP] Dogs peed inside at the same time of the day, 3 days in a row

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A little backstory: I’ve had my dog for about a month, he’s a 1.5 years old dachshund chihuahua. Up until this point he’s not had that many accidents, maybe once a week or so, and the majority of times it was when we left him home alone. Now we’re home all day and he hasn’t had an accident in a while. At 430, I feed him, take him on a 2 mile walk (where he pees about a hundred times) which takes about an hour. Then I make dinner and me and my girlfriend eat. I’ll usually give him a chew thing to eat so he stays busy and doesn’t beg while we’re eating. Trying to avoid rawhide we recently started getting him the tracheas and rib bones from Petco. These are BIG so we take them away after he’s chewed on them for about 30-45 minutes, doing this they stretch 2-3 days. I would usually take him out one last time between 9-10pm (depending on when we went to bed). But now he’s peed 3 times around 730-8, usually shortly after taking the chew thing away. I thought that might be the issue but we didn’t take anything away from him yesterday and he still peed. Today we took the chew thing away and he peed again. I take him out immediately after he pees. I just have no idea why he’s doing this out of nowhere. Does anyone have ideas? He has no issues holding for much longer and he’s only making in about 2 hours and that’s the only time he has any issues is that time. My girlfriend is confident he’s mad we’re taking away the chew. I think maybe he just has to pee at that time and now that’s the time I need to take him out. Any advice would be great!

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