[Help] Dog scared / aggresive when about to go outside.

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Hi. As the title says my dog became scared or aggresive when is time to go outside. This started a couple of months ago , when she would flat out refuse to come to the call of going outside. Everything got worse after she got sterilised, now when it's time to go outside she would just growl when i call her to go out and if she comes to the call, she growls , shows her teeth and snaps at me when trying to put on the leash. The weird thing is , she doesn't do this with my dad, when my dad tries to take her out, she gets out the door a little hesitant , stops for a bit then just follows him out of the block.

It's got to the point where even after a long period of time of not going out (overnight for example) she still has no desire to go out. After succeeding to get her out, she is usually scared but goes along, there are times though when it seems like no sound or visual stimuli happened but she gets really scared and starts running towards home , pulling hard on the leash.

I am currently trying to use treats when she comes to the door, lets me put the leash on, or when getting out of the apartment. Any advice on what could i do?

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