[help] Dog loses his mind when I leave the room

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I have a 1.5 year old Great Dane who I'm having a specific issue with that I would love to have outside advice on…

A little background: I live in a house with my fiance, and his four kids ranging in age from 7-13. The dog is all of ours and was bought as a puppy and brought home at 9 weeks, but I am home all day with him and he definitely listens and responds to me in a way he doesn't the other people living in the house.

So here's the issue: Whenever I leave the room, he loses his damn mind. He will grab blankets off of people, jump, get the zoomies and run around the room like a maniac, run up to people and bark at them; just generally be an absolute terror.

The thing is, he ONLY does this when I leave the room. Doesn't matter if other people are still in the room (so he's not left totally alone), or if he seemed totally calm and fine before I left. It also never happens if I'm still in the room and someone else leaves. If one of the kids leaves, if my fiance leaves, if they ALL leave, none of that triggers this behaviour. He doesn't seem to even notice. It's only if I leave.

He is crate trained and I could absolutely crate him before I leave the room, but this seems like a lot when sometimes I'm just leaving to run upstairs to grab something and am only gone for 5-10 minutes.

Could it potentially be similar to a separation anxiety, but directed only towards my presence? He's also really big (obviously), so has the potential to hurt someone without at all meaning to, just by running into them, or jumping on them, due to his size.

Any help/suggestions would be awesome!!

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