Help, dog is guarding me from my fiancé

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First sorry for long post

Me and my fiance have a 3 year old rescue dog from Romania. We have had her for 3 months now. We knew she had some guarding issues when it comes to toys and things she thinks is hers (not food) Example: once dropped a tiny decoration pillow that she started playing with, and when we tried to take it off her she got growly and snapped at us, teeth showing and everything, quite scary. So we now don't give her things she would guard. She is fine with one spider teddy, we can take that no issues (weird)

In the start she slept on our bed every night, but she started to get growly when we moved in bed or tried to shuffle her. She had one aggressive incident in bed where I was cuddling her and my fiance pet her and she snapped at him. (will say she had just had dental surgery so would've been in pain)

After that we decided that she shouldn't sleep on our bed any longer. We allowed her on bed during the day and at bed time she had to get down.

Now in the recent week she has shown guarding issues for me over my fiance. So if I'm on the sofa and my fiance comes over to stroke me or kiss me she would get on the sofa between us and growl or even snap. She has also done this whilst me being in bed when he's come into the bedroom to speak to me she's launched over me and growled at him. Now the worst one was today when I was having a mid day nap and my fiance just entered the bedroom one step, hadn't said a word yet and she launched at him growling, snapping, showing teeth, proper scary!

My fiance and dog are great when I'm not there or we're not on bed or on sofa. Then there are no issues whatsoever. He can get very cuddly and playful and no issues. But if I'm in bed or on the sofa she seems to guard me towards him! Help!

We have talked about getting a behaviourist, I just want some advice. We are also very confused as to why this has started.

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