Help!! dating when your dogs don’t get along. lost cause?

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I recently started seeing this girl that I like a lot. The only issue is our dogs are having trouble getting along. Her dog is a 5 year old 40lb pitt mix, and mine is a 3 year old mutt, and they're about the same size. Both dogs are female, and I know same sex aggression can be an issue, but both of them get along with pretty much every other female dog they've met, just not so much each other. She's had her dog since it was a puppy, and mine is a rescue that wasnt really socialized, but has always been fine around other dogs, even tolerating getting beaten up by puppies.

They've been around each other quite a few times at this point, but have now gotten in two fights, the second being a little worse than the first. The first fight seemed like a resource aggression issue where the mutt was getting attention from my girlfriend and her pitt got jealous and growled a few times, then a fight broke out, but it was hard to tell what really happened – it seems like the mutt reacted to the pitt and started the fight but we're not sure. We were able to separate them easily just pulling back their leashes and neither dog had any injuries. Over the next few weeks they saw each other a couple of times on walks, and the dogs were completely indifferent towards one another, sharing water and having no issues with attention. A few weekends ago we had them at a different park, and were fine while walking. Then both dogs were sitting with me while I was eating, and the pitt was kind of begging for food; it's not clear what happened but they got in another fight, this time the mutt ended up with what seemed like a pressure wound on her face that was bleeding a bit. They also weren't as quick to back down this time and it took a little more effort to separate the dogs. When they fight it doesn't seem like they're trying to bite each other, just a lot of flailing paws and noise. We've kept them separated since, but I did noticed the pitt staring down my mutt from a few times later that day.

We're both pretty shaken up, and not sure what to do. Knowing that they've gotten in a couple fights already, is it worth trying to see if we can figure out what's going on with the dogs? For the time being it's easy enough to keep them separate, but once two bitches fight, is there any chance of them just tolerating each other?

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