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Hi guys i have a 2 year old staffie who i adopted a week ago she’s warmed up to our house pretty quick i have a kennel/sleeping are built for her which is in my bedroom every night she voluntarely goes in there by herself so that’s no issue however we have a hallway where she stays during the day when no one is home or some times we put her day when we’re about to have dinner etc but there are times where we struggle a little bit for her to get in to her hallway area which is closed off by a safety gate she is only allowed to roam through the house when we’re just watching tv for a about an hour after we have taken her on a walk and what not she will go in if i get one of her treats and make her follow me into her area once she is inside i give her the treat and tell her to stay and close the gate will she eventually just go in there whithout me having to use a treat or a toy etc to get her to go in? I don’t wanna force her in there by carrying her or pulling her with her leash because i don’t want her to see that hallway as a punishment we have her bed and a few toys in there for her so its pretty much just an oversized kennel also i guess i should mention that she’s also my first dog ever so i don’t have much experience with crate training or kennel training i assume im doing it right but i thought i’d get opinions and tips from you guys here since some of you have more experience with this than i do

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