Help! Apartment neighbour’s dog very reactive to apartment neighbor noise and has a history of excessive barking

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I've had many issues living in this apartment with my neighbour's dog(s?). Ive only been in this apartment for 3 months and I have a year contract… The first month was absolute HELL for me as my neighbour's dog would bark up to 5-8 hours a day at varying times since they were not home and disrupt my sleep. It ranged from sparse barking to very disruptive endless barking and is VERY shrill and sharp, louder than a human yelling. I tried to be understanding in the first couple weeks when I moved in and did not report them, but it got so out of hand as I found myself being woken up at 5am, 6am, etc. Within the first 1.5 months I have complained twice with the apartment and wrote the neighbour a letter in-between kindly letting them (suggested by some posts I've read) that they may not know, but their dog barks often when they're not home and hoping they can resolve it in a reasonable timeframe.

Its been a month, the barking did get better for the first week of complaints, but is starting to become worse again. While it is not barking for hours on end, rather the dog reacts to almost ANY noise throughout the day and barks 5-10minutes each time even though the owners are home now. The dog still does wake me up at times and additionally the owner yells/swears at the dog for its noise in the hallway or near her door at times and nothing can block this out (i.e. headphones, playing music.). It disturbs my work as I have meetings at home due to COVID, my studying, and my happiness.

I haven't had one-week bark free here, and my neighbour never excessive apologized for the noise (which is not a huge concern). This is against the contract which states "well-mannered dogs only." I dont know how to deal with this anymore, and I don't want to be unkind by reporting them to the city as this is stressful for anyone to deal with.

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