HELP!!!! 8 week old puppy

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Ok this is my first dog of my own and I’m having serious issues. I’ve only had her 24 hours so I may be overreacting BUT….

I am crate training. When she is out of her crate I am playing with or feeding her and I supervise. She will start to pee and I’ll say “NO” sternly and immediately take her out front.

She will NOT pee or poop outside. I take her to the same spot (dirt with some rocks) ((not ideal but I live in an apartment in a city)) there is foot and car traffic along the street but I stand between her and that… i wait 10-15 mins. I say “go potty” and don’t let her get too distracted and NOTHING.

I will hold her and walk her back inside and as soon as we get back to my apartment I will let her take a drink of water before going back into the crate and she will IMMEDIATELY pee…..

Why won’t she go outside?

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