Help! 8 month old Jack russell keeps peeing on our bed!

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My 8 month old has peed on our bed 3 times this week. She's fully trained. The first time she did it, we figured that she was scared because we had a storm, we cleaned the mattress and bedding and left it to dry. The second time was during the night, she peed all over me! We did the same thing, cleaned and assured the mattress etc. We also stopped her sleeping with us during the night after the second time, and set her up in the kitchen. She's just done it again whilst she was in the bedroom with me. She was sleeping on the bed one minute, I turned around and she's still sleeping, but she's moved from where she was lay and there's a huge wet patch! I'm really, really losing my patience, and I feel sad, because we've done so much training with her, and she's responded really well, other than this past week. Each time she's done it, we've not made a fuss about it with her, just cleaned it up. We've made sure to make an extra fuss and give treats and praise when she goes outside, but it's made no difference. What are we doing wrong? Also, best cleaning products to ensure she can't smell her urine on our bed?

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