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Hi! We have a toy aussie named Vince we rescued only one week ago. We don't have much of his background and we are currently "fostering to adopt" as we are working with the rescue to finalize the rest of his vaccination needs and neutering (neuter in June).

I really want any advice with how to help him because he is young and neglected! Giving some background to the week so far because he is now suddenly showing aggression and we're completely baffled.

He came from a "breeder gone bad" situation with 11 other dogs his breed. They were all very scared when I met them and he hid for a day after I brought him home, but over the week Vince has come to love running up to both my partner and I for attention (both M, 26). He's done well in the crate and doesn't panic or soil! We've worked on him not jumping up on the couch whenever he wants but now he's been needing help up. We let him up because we're glad he feels secure with us.

Two biggest issues we're working on:

He's been going potty outside and we take him out frequently. However he is scared of everything outside. He has gone from initially walking with us and laying down every once in a while to trying to pull back home to his safe space. He's gotten great with the doorways now but is afraid of cars and wind and we live near the city. So I really want any advice on how to help! He is not treat motivated and is too panicked outside to take kibble or anything from me. I want to try bread or pepperoni soon. What are the best ways to help his confidence outside and ease the panic? I hear about reinforcing fear but I don't know how much I need to calm him VS lead him sometimes because I know it's not good to push him too far.

His other big issue is suddenly showing aggression and growling loudly and baring his teeth. He has done it 4/5 times the past few days and it has been very unclear what the trigger has been. The aggression I thought was related to him being possessive of either myself or my partner, or maybe a spot behind his ear? But until just a few days ago he has LOVED affection, sleeping right next to either of us on the couch, leaning into scratches and rubs, he jumps up and hugs me. He still does this a lot of the time. So we aren't sure what is triggering him and it seems to be escalating. We have been snapping and trying to just redirect him without punishing him but he is so scared and unsure of most things we can't redirect him to much but trying to calm him down.

Please insight!! Never had this kind of "project" with a dog! We plan to take him to our vet soon but he seems healthy and eats and drinks and potties. Is he possibly just overstimulated and needs more rest and space? He had just been trying to play before suddenly growling after my partner showed him attention. He snaps right out of it and acts like nothing happened and acts sweet but then may start again.

Thank you if you read the wall of info, it's so complex and information I read online just doesn't apply to this guy!

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