He did an entire walk with almost perfect behavior!

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My 4.5-month-old husky pup is… spirited, to say the least. We've been working on his leash manners, since the one thing he likes more than food is meeting other people and dogs, and the pulling and jumping are going to be a lot less cute when he's 60 lbs or so. And he definitely has that independent streak in him where I know he knows the commands I'm giving him, but if they're not what he wants to do, he's suddenly deaf. Also true to breed, he really enjoys pulling in his harness, even compared to most dogs. His tail starts to wag noticeably when he does it, and pulling back on him just gets treated like a game rather than a correction. And to top it off, he likes to pick up every rock and pine cone on the ground.

All this means getting him to walk nicely on a leash has been a challenge. However, for the first time, we got through an entire 20-minute walk with him being good. He only pulled once when a big leaf blew by in the wind, but otherwise went between being just far enough ahead to have slight tension on the leash but no struggling against it, or walking loose-leash beside me and checking in regularly with good eye contact. I let him sniff things whenever he wanted to stop, and he listened when I said it's time to keep going or that we couldn't go a particular place (usually a yard). And he was very good when we did two short jogging portions because he really likes to run and that way he still got a chance to use those pulling instincts, and calmed down right away when we went back to just walking.

Normally walks have been something I've done because I know he needs the exercise and will become a little terror if we don't, and I didn't mind them, but today I actually enjoyed it. It might be a one-off and tomorrow we'll be back to him desperately trying to love every person he sees, but I'll take a small victory!

The little furball in question, looking slightly concerned that the bath tub full of soaking laundry was actually for him.

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