Having trouble at meal time with BOTH of the dogs.

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Hey all, I hope the is the right place for this. We have two dogs, a 1 year old Aussie and a 2 year old German Shepherd mix. They both used to get super excited to eat the GS mix would run around the kitchen table until his food was in his bowl and the Aussie would drool until you gave him the command to eat. We've taught them both the sit and wait until given the command to eat and they do that really well.

Over the weekend though both of them seem like they're not to interested in eating, almost like they don't have an appetite. They will sniff their food, maybe pick up one kibble and drop it back in the bowl. I put two kibbles in my hand on Sunday to feed to the Aussie and he just spit them back out. He wouldn't even take a treat. Monday morning was the worst it took a good several minutes to get them to eat and neither one ate the full amount.

They're both good weights for their frames. Neither one is over weight.

They do not eat side by side. One eats while the other is outside.

They seem to get plenty of water. Usually a bowl always sitting out.

We haven't changed their feeding schedule, location of feeding, or their food.

If you guys have any advice or tips or somewhere better to post this in all ears. Thanks.

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