Having Problems With Recall Training

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Hey everyone. I’ve got a 1 year old Kelpie boy. We have been training “come” for at least 6 months so that he can eventually go off leash but it feels like we’ve hit a wall.

We started with recall at home and he comes every time at home. Then we went to the park (which is fenced in) and we did recall on our 5 foot leash. He always comes. We let him off leash and even when the doors are open he knows not to leave. But doing recall with him doesn’t always work. It’s really 50/50 whether or not he is going to come. He usually only comes when he feels like it.

I do training on recall twice a day and I figured since he doesn’t come every time he is called I got a retractable leash so I can let him have his freedom and still practice recall. I won’t be letting him off leash anymore until he comes back every time I call him.

I’ve tried lots of different treats but he isn’t always food motivated. As soon as he sees another dog or bird he goes nuts and runs at them out of excitement.

Does anyone have any tips to help me?

Currently, I say “Cooper Come!” And then I clap twice and when he comes I give him all kinds of praises in my dog baby voice and give him a treat.

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