Has anyone had counterconditioning success?

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I've successfully counterconditioned my dog around walkers, joggers, and bikers when away from house. She used to lunge and bark at all those, all the time. It's taken a lot of time and patience to get to this point. And the progress has been satisfying and rewarding for both of us. My biggest challenge right now is that we haven't yet achieved not responding to other dogs. We were making progress and shortening the radius until another dog (it was off leash btw!) got to close out in the park (regular, open park – not a dog park). And now we've been set back and the radius is further away the last couple of days. Has anyone else encountered this challenge and successfully counterconditioned your dog to not react to other dogs? If so, what worked best for you? This has been a new challenge for me. Do I just need more time and patience? I know it's best to start where I can better control the variables but the open park is my only outlet right now to help countercondition. The struggle is the off leash dogs.

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