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I ordered a Halti headcollar for my dog, and I don't have a clear idea of how it is supposed to look. I've seen and used gentle leaders before but I don't have much experience with the Halti.

This is a size 3. If I remember correctly, her neck circumference measured out to be roughly 17.5 inches. That would put her between a size 2 and a size 3, as their measurement ranges overlap.

Any tips or feedback on the fit? I know it can be hard to tell in just a couple of photos.

Sideview and frontview: https://imgur.com/a/jzdb0f7

In the frontview photo, you can see that the chin strap is in its loosest/most relaxed position. Also, I can comfortably fit two fingers under the neck strap, as I would with a flat collar.

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